Saturday 21st December is our Special Christmas Orders Delivery date. We are now taking orders for Christmas deliveries.

Country Style Smallgoods free range hams and fresh meat can now be ordered for all your festive occasions this Christmas. Every Christmas Sebastian sells out of his Beechwood Christmas hams and this year will be no different. So get in quick before they’re gone.

We have fresh ranges of pork loin, belly, beef porterhouse, rump, girello, brisket, sides of grass fed lamb and lots more. Check out our online deli and fresh local produce available for delivery.

Ham is the traditional Australian dish that stars on our festive tables at Christmas in summer. Whatever way you like it. We do suggest you try it freshly sliced from the bone. with salads, in sandwiches and platters. Our hams are delivered fresh to you in vacuum packaging. They will keep beautifully fresh for two weeks in vacuum packaging.

And for those with bbq’s and celebrations planned in the lead up to Christmas we are delivering in Ballarat every fortnight until and including Saturday 21st December – our Christmas delivery run.  

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