Meigas Pack

Have A Spanish night in with the latest Meigas & Country Style Collaboration. We have some awesome Spanish essentials in this one. For $99 with free delivery in the Ballarat, the perfect night in has never tasted so good.


🇪🇸Croquetta Ask for croquetta of the day and you get 6 of Jose’s most wanted and tastiest crumbed morsels this side of the equator. You can easily pop them in a pan with some oil to heat and serve fresh for your at-home tapas.

🇪🇸Tapas meats The other  tapas ingredients include chorizo, salami and morcilla. Morcilla or blood sausage as it’s also known, is a Spanish staple, fried, grilled, stewed or roasted and usually sliced in one-finger-thick wheelettes – Rodajas. Perfect in paella, an iron boost in winter soups or quick fried morsels for tapa.

🇪🇸 Carne picada de cerdo There’s 500g of pork mince to make your own Spanish meatballs, and 1kg of Lomo de cerdo (pork loin) for succulent roasts or pulled pork. Any leftover pork, chorizo, morcilla will be well suited to a batch of fresh paella.


🇪🇸Real Spanish Pimenton Hungary gets all the credit for paprika, but it was developed in Spain and there’s a big difference in flavor. Hungarian paprika is the American standard, but Spanish paprika is worth searching for. The Spanish is more spicy and flavourful. We include 75g of sweet pimenton and 75g of smoked pimenton.

If you’re a Meigas regular you know this is the bomb, so there’s enough to use on many meals to come, eggs, potatoes, veies, meat, everything.

🇵🇹Portugese Olive Oil (Saloio) Another Meigas must have, a truly beautiful olive oil, perfect served with fresh crusty bread.

🇪🇸Spanish Wine The Meigas Pack includes a hermosa Spanish red wine to enjoy with the spread. Los Enoloz Tempranillo Red 2016 750ml. Jovan style red from 80 year old dry-grown bush vine. 100% whole bunch carbonic maceration and a gentle basket press has led to a fresh and bright one with flavours of red berries and dark cherries and shows a seamless taste profile.

🇪🇸Cena En Casa! Spanish dinner at home, the $99 Meigas pack includes 2.4kg of smallgoods and fresh meat, this will easily feed a family of 4, but if you need more you can shop the deli and add more separate items to go with your Meigas pack.

We would recommend a Basilio sourdough loaf to go with this one. Meigas packs are delivered free and contactless every Saturday to homes in Ballarat.

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