Roastie Toastie Pack


Over 4kg Kg (fresh meat) & 1 Kg sourdough loaf

The Roastie Toastie Pack includes a couple of roasts, succulent pork loin and tender beef girello, a 1 kg High Tin Basilio sourdough loaf perfect for leftover roast sandwiches. There’s a kilogram of bbq sausages, 350g of bacon and 1kg or pork mince too. So in between your roasts you can make make a variety of meals the whole family will love. There’s also a a hock for a soup or stew.

1kg pork loin roast, 1kg beef girello roast, 1 kg BBQ sausages, 350g bacon, 1kg pork mince, a hock and a Basilio Hi Tin white sourdough loaf. Over 4kg of tasty meaty goodness. Awesome value!

Nitrate free, Gluten Free
Ingredients spices, salt, pork & beef, flour.